Piagam Pelanggan

We pledge:

A)  Ensuring Occupational Safety and Health Policy Universiti Malaysia Perlis is implemented and complied among all staff, students, contractors and visitors

1.  To ensure the safety and health of staff and students of University Malaysia Perlis by carrying out the following activities.

  1. Compliance with the Act
  2. Manage and coordinate the University Malaysia Perlis Occupational Safety and Health Committee Meeting once every 3 months with:
  3. Send notification of notice 7 days before the meeting.
  4. Send minutes of meetings 7 days after the meeting.
  5. Obtain feedback from minors involved 30 days after the meeting.

2.  To Establish an Emergency Investigation Committee within 3 days after the report is received.

3.  To Conduct safety and health audits at work once every 2 months.

  1. Sending notice of occupational health and safety audit notice 7 days before the audit is conducted.
  2. Submit audit reports that have been conducted 7 days after the audit was conducted.
  3. Obtain feedback from the report submitted 30 days after the report is sent to PTj.

4.  To Manage the minimum scheduled waste disposal in 2 times a year with:

  1. Collect information on the status of scheduled waste from the UniMAP lab / workshop every month.
  2. The PTJ will notify and confirm with the application for disposal to UKKP.
  3. The UKKP will contact a licensed contractor for example the Quality of Nature to set the date of scheduled waste recruitment.
  4. The UKKP will contact PTj to set the date and preparations for this scheduled waste recruitment by a licensed contractor.
  5. The UKKP will deal with the treasurer for payment of this disposal to a licensed contractor. 

5.  To Manage the registration of chemicals used in all laboratories / workshops within 2 times a year and update the records of chemical safety brochures (CSDS / MSDS) to comply with USECHH Regulation requirements.


B)  Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

  1. To conduct training / training activities to increase the awareness of staff and students on safety and health at UniMAP through:
  2. Course of awareness 4 times a year.
  3. Exercise fire and emergency 2 times a year.
  4. Safety and Health Campaign 1 times a year.
  5. Issue health information every once a month through e-mail and website.


C)  Administration

  1. Record within 1 day from the date of receipt of the following report and document:
  2. Report of accident, fire and occupational disease reported.
  3. Safety and health audit checklist.
  4. Safety and health audit reports conducted.
  5. Report on the safety and health audit from PTj.
  6. A meeting of the UniMAP Occupational Safety and Health Committee meeting
  7. List of machinery and chemical machines found in UniMAP.
  8. Outgoing mail / mail.

April 2019

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